Rho, Piazza Visconti


Rho, Piazza Visconti



Piazza Visconti is located in Rho, a satellite town in the suburbs of Milan. The square is an impressive 12,000 m2, distinguished by a rich architectural heritage and a canopy of trees. In its current state, however, the fragmented space prioritizes cars and bears little resemblance to the lively bustle of the town center. Piazza Visconti has become a second-rate urban space, rarely frequented by pedestrians.

Our project transforms the square into a vast community space and strikes a bold balance between planted and built environments—the historical duality at the core of the town’s urban system. Rejuvenated in conversation with this duality, the square harmonizes with the rest of the town and places pedestrians front and center.

At the southern end of the square, a vast sweep of lawn is planted under the existing majestic cedar while hackberry, linden, and magnolia trees find their place near the lawn. Throughout the square, these trees create an alternating pattern of covered and open spaces, and provide welcome shade. New groves of pines (pinus pinea) accentuate and enhance the landscaped lawn, their distinctive silhouettes dancing across the square. The lawn stretches along a slight incline; in response, mounds of 4 m in diameter are planted around the existing tree beds. These additions create a new layer of greenery consisting of groundcover plants, ferns, and bulbs. They maintain the lawn’s original surface level while enriching its overall design. Removing the current parking lots and paved areas better accommodates the root systems of the square’s stunning trees, while substantially increasing the permeable surface area and reducing the heat island effect. Lighting punctuates the square at regular intervals and redefines its layout. Crisscrossed with aggregate paths, the landscaped lawn becomes a space for community and conversation.

A concourse paved in uniform natural stone (porphyry) traces a boundary along the northern end of the square, in continuity with its surroundings. Running from east to west, this broad hardscape feature revives the physical connection with the historic town center, providing a new location for the Rho farmers market, public events, and daily life. The concourse recreates a unified, coherent, and open space.

The paved canal "Roggia", a linear fountain, flows between the landscaped lawn and the hardscape concourse. Clad entirely in natural stone, this commemorative feature retraces the former path of the Roggia Riale, an irrigation canal characteristic of Lombardy. The shallow fountain (15 cm deep) is playful and enhances the allure of the square.

The northern end of the square opens onto Via Edmondo De Amicis, which is transformed into a unified landscaped avenue. The street’s new look features two pedestrian paths lining either side of a wide road open to traffic.


LOTTO 1 : 7890 m2 > Piazza Visconti

LOTTO2 : 1860 m2

LOTTO 3 : 450 m2

LOTTO 4 : 480 m2

LOTTO 5 : 805 m2

TOTAL : 11.485 m2

2023 to 2025
Public spaces, Gardens

Municipality of Rho

Project Team:

MDP Michel Desvigne paysagiste


11.485 m2