VILLA MEDICI 1986-1989
The nature/artifice distinction

I experiment with the fundamental physical dialogue that exists on multiple levels between natural phenomena and construction.

Following my acceptance as a resident of the Villa Medici in Rome, I obtained a grant from France's Ministry of Culture to further develop my work there. I drew, by hand and at length, images of territory from satellite photographs. The slow, laborious work this drawing required, like scientific observation, taught me to observe the components of a territory, their proportions and interactions. Drawing allowed me to physically experience the mechanisms at work.

I selected a few sites. I imagined the transformation of these sites through modifications enacted by natural phenomena (rising waters, alluvial deposits, gullies...). I made a series of models on which I could physically test out devices and apparatus.

The elementary gardens project was published in the magazine L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui.

A small book, Jardins élémentaires, was published by the philosopher Gilles A. Tiberghien.